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Head Shot 65

Shari Kessler

40 years, around the world, living through the lens.

Clients include National Geographic Society, Smithsonian Institution, The World Bank, Thai Airways, BBC, London Times, McGraw-Hill Publishers, Citibank, International Folk Art Museum, Santa Fe, NM. 

From fine art black-white film-work with Minor White at M.I.T. to an international editorial career in Asia and Latin America. From lugging large format cameras up the Andes to shooting corporate Investment guides around Asia, being the first American artist invited to exhibit in Hanoi since the American-Vietnam war and having work purchased as Public Art by the State of New Mexico, Shari’s resume reflects her life as an itinerant global photographer.

Shari Kessler runs Head Shots, LLC. in Santa Fe, NM. and is Associate Professor of Media Studies at The New School, NYC. She teaches Visual Storytelling; Visual Media-Grammar, Semantics, Syntax; and Global Lens - World Photography & Film; online courses that she developed for The New School Department of Media Studies.

Artist Statement

Shari Kessler studied fine-art b/w printing with American photographer Minor White at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and started out as a photography purist, compose in the lens, full and rich tonal values make fine-art black & white prints.

Enter digital photography. She at first very reluctantly, and then with vigor, has embraced this new because it allows her to reach out from the frame and dive back into it, re-imagining and re-inventing what was before the lens.

Shari starts with her own photographs, mixing photographic, painting, and collage mediums in a playful, colorful style, often with politically and socially charged subject matter. She wants the viewer to be aware of the digital brush strokes and collage cuts, so that the exuberant process of transforming the original image into something fresh is both visibly and viscerally felt.

Years living internationally, Shari sees with global sensitivities. ‘Spirit’ motivates her to create that which pricks her mind and excites her eye. She is an adventurer with a camera.

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