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Artography - new works

“I want my new works to inspire and place the viewer in the ambiguous realm of the imagination.”

Head Shot 363 Head Shot 362

In my newest digital work, I start with original in-camera images and then mix photographic, painting and collage mediums. In a playful, colorful style that is bold and powerfully composed, I purposely want the viewer to be aware of the digital brush strokes and collage cuts so that the exuberant process of transforming the original image is experienced visually and viscerally and something fresh emerges.

FRIDINA series is a visual mélange of Frida Kalho and my daughter, Nina, who has a Frida-esqe look. I begin with a purely visual intention and evolve into something referential to the woman Frida Kalho and the Icon she is.

Western series is a visual riff on the southwest, USA, it’s history, landscape and contemporary culture.

Al Momento series representing idiosyncratic and unpredictable forays into design, color and subject.

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