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HD Film applied to Indoor/Outdoor UV Protected Industrial Metal

Framed and Ready to Hang. Buy any 2 Pieces and get a $100 discount

These new works reflect a major departure for me as a photographer: from classical training in black-white film with Minor White in the 1960’s to the meta-photographic of new media.

I begin with one of my own original photographs. Building on the physicality of the frame and then pushing beyond its limits, the frame becomes a new and fluid place where I can wander about and play; this magical space becomes my canvas and I imbue it with visual, moral and cerebral dimensions.

The original photograph becomes the core of a visual puzzle. Combining the seen and the imagined; questioning, disrupting, imbuing a magical quality to what I see, feel and think.

My creative process is meditative and organic. I layer associated and disassociated objects, historical and contemporary references, to create visualizations that turn my wildest imaginings into visual delights. I want to share these magical realities with those willing to LOOK hard at the surface and then SEE what angels or demons lie below.

Head Shot 495
Fantasy Night #25 31.5x31.5" $1500.00
Head Shot 484
Night Train 31.5x31.5" $1500.00
Head Shot 310
Fabian 31.5x31.5" $750.00
Head Shot 494
Fridina Romana 15.5x15.5" $1500.00
Head Shot 497
This Is Stolen Land Redux 31.5x31.5" $1500.00
Head Shot 492
Portal Floral 15.5x15.5" $750.00
Head Shot 493
Cruisin' Into The Future 31.5x31.5" $1500.00
Head Shot 490
Motorcycle, Rooted 31.5x31.5" $1500.00
Head Shot 505
Fridina Mona Lisa 31.5x31.5" $750.00
Head Shot 486
New Mexico Night Fantasy 31.5x31.5" $1500.00
Head Shot 527
3 Figures of the West 31.5x31.5" $1500.00
Head Shot 515
Jungle Flor 15.5x15.5" $750.00

Buy any 2 Pieces and get a $100 discount